Sex After Surgery

How many of us have fought against disease and won but our sexual relationships have suffered tremendously in the aftermath of the healing period? Many couples go through this in their lifetime. Whether you are faced with prostate cancer, multiple sclerosis, depression, or other ailments, you will likely go through a stage of not wanting sex or simply not being able to have sex. Here’s a few ways to get the action going again. Just remember not to give up. Plenty of people go through the exact same thing you are going through.

Do Your Homework

So you had surgery or maybe you’re fighting a lifelong disease. Whatever the case is, it’s miserable enough without affecting your sexual life. Check online to see what other people with your issue have gone through and tried to overcome the sexual side effects. Stay away from gimmicky online forums that only seem to be promoting a new drug or another website. Try staying with medical forums. You may even check with your hospital to see if groups meet weekly or monthly to discuss your disease or ailment.

Don’t Give Up

It may seem like you will never be back to normal but a big part of healing is actually believing in yourself. Make sure that your partner is being supportive of your condition. Try meeting with your doctor to discuss options for having an active and fun filled sex life like you use to. There are plenty of options available to help you get aroused, keep the erection and maintain with ease. Your doctor may discuss Daily Cialis, Cialis, Viagra or some of the other options to see what might work best for you. Keep your hopes up. 


Practice makes perfect, right? Try going one on one with yourself and re-teaching your senses to respond to stimulation. Only you will know where and when you need to be touched. Try experimenting a bit before calling your partner in on the action. You will hopefully be able to guide your partner and you will both have a happy and long lasting sexual experience.